Starting Today...

I am always thinking that I am never doing enough. Never showing enough love. Never working hard enough. Never posting enough of the kind of content that shows the gratitude I have for each of you sharing your time with me.

Sometimes in life, especially after a great loss, we must stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and realize that we are not perfect, we are never going to do all of the things that we need to do every day but we need to realize that we are simply living and doing the best that we can with each day.

After losing something so important as a spouse, I believe you almost become afraid of loving again. You want someone to look at you and see forever, see their unborn children in you and want to build s house of love to replace what was lost. Really take away the subtle pain that never goes away.

We are all human, we all have wants, desires, needs in our lives but we should never let our own inner demons hurt or trivialize those who care for us.

No one is perfect, no one ends every day doing everything they needed to do. We all just do the best that we can and hopefully, we are headed down the path that will bring us happiness and a smile.

I am not perfect. I am merely a broken soul doing the best that I can with the cards that I have been dealt in life. There may not be a such thing as starting over again but I intend to find my place in the sun with someone who can look at me and know in their soul I am worth it.

Find your smile. Find your path. Find your love.


#positivevibes #BM #smile #beautifullybroken


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