Tats or not? Why I did. ☠️

It seems like everyone always asks why all the tattoos? I was doing it before it was a fad.

and yes, I did them all myself, except one. I decided to go down the road of the tatted because yuppie life was too constricting for me and I was more verbose or expressive if you will. I believe in the Native American honor system of warrior display and self evaluation but also, I believe I created my tats because it was a tell of how I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ME and no one else. The lackluster designs and bland prison tattoo nature of my art are because I think deep down inside I do not find myself flashy or needing to display ridiculousness to gain acceptance. They display messages of love and hope instead. I believe my tats are a personal message to the world of a broken someone who really just wants to believe In the struggle and goodness in humanity. Deep inside, I think these ole’ tattoos and my throw caution to the wind attitude in creating them also show a lack of self value on some levels which later in my journey I addressed and although I do not believe I will ever truly ❤️ myself correctly, I have come to terms with the beast enough to love others truly under the confines of my own creative maddening journey. So, to answer the question, why did decide to walk through life as tatted beast? Simple. Because I am a low down dirty dog with so much love in his ❤️ it cannot be contained and I bear my struggle on my sleeve (literally) BUT here is the most important statement being made on this post that I extend to EVERYONE thinking of getting tatted: I DO IT HAVE TATTOOS FOR THE WORLD, I CREATED THEM FOR MYSELF TO REMIND MYSELF OF WHO I AM AND WHERE I BEEN AND HOW MUCH FURTHER I MUST GO TO REACH TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT and under that extremely worth while thought process, I can openly say that I am proud to bear my scars. To me, they make my ugly mess of male alpha ridiculousness beautiful. ☠️ #ANGEL .




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