The only way I ❤️

I will admit that one of my main rules in life is commitment. I have never treated a woman as an option or not cherished her existence in my world because it is such a blessing. Although I have many friends on social media, I dare anyone to speak up and say that I have abused the medium to objectify women in any way or cheated. I expect the same of the lady I am with. I guess I’m just Old school, but I am not an option as she would never be a side piece of ass to me. I commit to her and she commits to me and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY MY LOVE WILL EVER BE. I fall in love with someone. They are my muse. My love story and good, bad or indifferent I would ride the weathers of hell to be true to her. This is how I am built and as you hear new music coming out. Very powerful love ballads and such, understand they are written through tears and true words because until the end, I am the hopeless romantic who looks for a beautiful dancing lady to ❤️. Amen. #alwayslearning

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