The tale of a wild child.💀

This is the tale of a WildChild 💀 it’s OK you’re not perfect, the world is not made of beautiful perfect things.💀 it’s OK she didn’t love you, she’ll go out into the world and with each new face discover how truly special you are. You can’t fix those who are broken, your responsibility is to those who believe in you and teaching an old dog new tricks is almost impossible if they don’t want to learn. Being broken is a consequence, Life is an experience, a risk, and only the strong will survive. Time is even shorter now, for a beast like you living every moment with open eyes is the only true way to do things from the heart. Not everyone is going to 🖤 you, Live for the people who love you back from the start. Family is a jaded thing, those who truly care, in your life, are the ones who deserve-to be a part. Now go forth you wild but beautiful thing, stop being afraid, stop being a victim, stop tearing yourself apart. Stop thinking you’re not good enough. In truth, because youre such a loving soul, any woman would be blessed to have you romance her heart. You wild and beautiful alpha beast, over the past few years the world has tried to rip you apart but here you stand an older but wiser soul, broken, beaten, torn apart but don’t let the physical blindness fool you, the world still needs your tattered heart, Beautiful broken wild thing, push yourself from the ashes upon the ground you lay, that wild spirit they tried to destroy is the same thing this universe desires because the way you do it is like no other and it’s the same thing that will put your name in minds around the world because when you sing, it still touches peoples hearts. Stand up beautiful broken wild thing, your role is waiting, time to act the part. 🖤 #ANGEL #DOA #diaryofanoutlaw #Instagram #InstaReels #instadaily #MondayMotivation#quoteoftheday #wildthing #beautifulbeast #oneofakind #OnlyOne #growing #harleydavidsonmotorcycles #jasonmomoa #SelfLove #secretcrush.


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