There is a difference between being confident and being cocky. Be something more than just average.

The last few days have been filled with interesting revelations for me personally. I have been watching some of the best and worst in humanity showing itself. I have witnessed men stepping up and choosing love over hate, women loving their children, art healing and even marriage chosen for money over love. Through this madness of seasonal delusion and beauty, I wake up today with one iron clad thought. No matter WTF goes on in this crazy world, I refuse to be two things: Heartless and Boring.

I could take this quick group of words and spin them into a murky blend of word salad that just talks shit and really doesn't accomplish a damn thing, so, unlike many writings I creep online, I will not expel worthless fodder. Instead today, I will get specific, on-point/off-point and true to my style...

Tell it like it is:

What will be the topic of the human condition I speak on this writing? It is simple, I want to tell you there is a difference between being confident and conceited. In this Rockstar Life, and the lessons I have learned, it just seems (at this time in our society) to be mucho import-ante.

The internet and smallness of community created by being able to reach the world at the touch of a keypad has also created an ENORMOUS evolution in narcissistic behavior which I will not turn this writing into a bitch-fest. To the contrary, I believe in manifesting a good vibe through positive thought, affirmation and being grateful, so, just being able to share this with all of you begins my manifestation because I am grateful to know you all...

Being confident it seems, it really more of an #oldschool thought process because the ability to be confident in one-self is placed in self-value but more over, the time put in to learn, earn, grow and be grated the respect to be confident through actually earning said respect through hard work and dedication. Cocky, although be it a time-honored bad tradition, seems embraced by a newer generation who believe they deserve respect by birth and not earning the right to be respected.

I ask: Is the superbowl won by just claiming the win or earning it? Do riches come (not just monetary) by birth only or earning said value through time honored hard work, learning and rising of soul and intelligence?

Most likely you will say they are earned not just given...

With this said, the difference between cocky and confident is said self-truth, knowledge, grace and dignity. This is why cockiness is for children and true confident is left to the adults who understand the difference.

My #pirate13nation filled with good people and loving hearts, you know what I am saying here. We are good and loving people. We are pirate's because we may be children at heart but do-gooding, good hearted human beings who just walk a different path. I will not spend countless hours explaining this one because we all know, to be in the club you have to earn a spot not just claim it.

Gentlemen, woman want to confident man, not a cocky child. Women, men want a strong and good hearted woman, not a lost child. You know who would want this type of person? Narcissists, manipulators and other children.

Today, be good to yourselves. Be confident and go out into the world earning your spot with confidence. I will use the following text from my confident soul to give example of how we will walk out into this weeks journey:

Today, I am confident and good-hearted person who always tries to do the right thing, even when the challeges are difficult. I may fall short at times but when the sun comes up on another day, I will rectify said situation and rise. To those who didn't see my value, I will show you my end result. To those who questioned loving me, I am not mad at you but I see the others you are left with and feel bad that you could not see how much I shine. To those i will love in the future, stay safe I am coming and to the world at large, just know that I will work to make this a better place, even though I may carve my unconventional path through pirate-like measure, you will know my name before my last breathe, you can count on that. I say this with a quiet but confident pride and dignity. That is why I will always walk with my head high and while cocky children may use and abuse the world, I am proud to be one of the confident masses that exists to not only clean up there ignorant mess but leave the room cleaner. This I say with confidence and because of this, I know I can be or achieve anything I want in this world. I am success. I am love. I am an example.

but most of all...

I am me and...

I am confident that is enough.

Love & Spanks,




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