This is how to tell her: "I love you."

Within your soul,

Lies the heaven made for me.

Within your heart,

Lies the love I've always seeked.

When the world turns us away,

Attempts to give us something more

to believe, we always return back to the smiles and unbelievable way we feel.

There is nothing constituted, nothing retaining to hold us together or bonded for an eternity but the simplicity of this passion you bring to my heart which is forever yours to hold if we believe. I cannot promise you perfection, I cannot be everything in every minute you would ever dream but if you share with me your heart my dear, I do promise you until my dying breathe that I will love your every edge, every curve, your soulful everything.

See, I am yours and you are mine Our love grows great as our souls intertwine and as we watch the world crumble to pieces, the gentle smile we both have is because we have each other on the mind. Maybe we should give in. Maybe we may crash in the end but if the flames mean I burn with you, I'd rather burn in a rage of disaster than live a moment without you. As simple as three words to say, as complex as together to the end, there are so many emotions to loving you, beyond one lifetime we transcend, so when you look into the star filled sky and think of me, just remember I will be home soon dear

ready to hold you for an eternity.

I'd conquer hell and heaven, to hold your hand, I'd stop time so that you may understand how much you mean to me, while others think of all the they want, I am grateful for the only thing I will ever need. Beautiful beyond words,

Truer than a book filled with effigy, your light is so breathtaking others can only dream of basking in your energy. To hold your hand is life-blood, to see you smile is a necessity but when the lights go down and the doors do close, the truth in what we are becomes a dreams reality. The day we met was a thing of luck, the person I have become is because of your grace and never waking up is fine, just as long as you are that dream.

In case you forget that I love you, in case you doubt how I feel, the imperfection of this poem is proof of what your soul means to me. Nothing is more important, no one could ever mean what you do to me. So, kiss me one more time, write one more note, make one more bad joke and dance around like only a beautiful creature like you can do, because the one thing I know in this world, the only truth I ever need to be one thousand percent true, is the fact that no matter what life time we exist in, it will be imperfectly perfect just as long as I am loving you.

So, when they say we should not be together. When they say we don't belong, just remember how much I will be loving you and I ask, how could something so true ever be wrong. You are my universe. You are where I belong and just remember my lover...

I will be the one who loves you,

until the end of time.

Rest easy George. I will never forget you...

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