This Is Me.

This is me,

I’m around 6’3,

I‘m the farthest thing from perfect, but every day I just try to be happy,

I love Dr. Seuss, and I think I’m funny,

Even if people aren’t laughing,

I still just keep being me,

For years I was ashamed of the way I looked,

I doubted my body,

It’s amazing how the things we learn can control our minds for an eternity,

However, I broke those shackles, and now as you can see,

I repost a photo like this because I want you to believe,

If we set our mind to it,

We can overcome any obstacle, and find the infinite possibilities,

BTW, yes, I am speaking to everyone, even a broken soul like me.

So, smile, love your life, yourself and just be happy,

...and let no one dim your shine.

Love & Spanks,






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