‘Til the end. #RideorDie

Truth be told, my heart has been broken so many times on my #lifejourney upon the #devilshighway I could write a book. It has left my so many pieces of my #soul along the way, there is not much left for me to salvage. As I look at the world nowadays, it seems that people think working at anything to achieve their #goals is nothing but a hassle. It seems like everyone believes they are entitled because they are simply born. #bullshit I take pride in working my ass off and reaching the mountain top.

That includes love. Considering what I just wrote, the only woman for me could only be a #rideordie kind of love. That special type where you are down for each other 💯 through thick and thin, ‘til the end. That #crazy love with your hair on #fire & #passion to burn for an #eternity that is the only type of love that works for an #outlaw like me and no matter what our non-committal society may say, that kind of woman is for me and I love her for being her. That is what true #love is meant to be. ‘Til the end Ride or Die...

#NoBullshit #passion #iamangelsynn

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