Time & Love are life’s most precious resource. 🏴‍☠️

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for my absence but I have been preparing for the worlds final exposure to #ThePirateKing so it has taken some time. In the coming week, I will be re-appearing to the world and the fun will begin.

I will not use many resources to expose my belief’s and/or true thoughts but my personal #blog will be the place for this experience and knowing the life I have lived, and story to tell...I can honestly feel it is a experience worthy of your attention and heart.

Being a widower has been a very interesting voyage. One I never thought I would have to deal with. In this time, I have arrived to the conclusion that NOTHING IN THIS #UNIVERSE happens coincidentally. Everything in my life has unraveled in a cycle that helped the butterfly emerge from the cocoon and oh how I have transformed both inside and out.

will not make this particular writing a long one. I will cover one thought and I do hope it finds those who need to hear the message and it can resonate in your heart & soul. As a widower, one of the most important messages I have learned is the simple practice of self-love and the equity in this life of Time & Love.

What do I mean by this, how will this resonate with the soul’s looking for a like-minded thought?

Very simply...

I have learned from loss, karmic lessons and growth that saying no and being alone is more important than lessening your worth just to be in the company of other’s not meant for you. Honestly, if you are a “relationship” type of entity, truth be told: being single sucks but it’s better than wasting your time with people of a half-hearted intention.

Time is the greatest resource we are allowed by universe in this life. That is why the great divine created memories because it passes so quickly, to catch it and give us reason to look forward, we have wonderful memories of that precious past time and how we can better utilize our future and not waste such a precious resource on trivial or menial moments or people.

Love is the greatest energy in the universe. There is no cosmic energy more powerful or more worthy. Again, given to us by the great divine to cherish and give reason for living and never giving up.


If both time and love are the greatest gifts given by the universe to not only cherish but give reason for living, planning and striving...

Why would we look upon saying no to relationships that waste time or love as a bad thing? If you have experienced any level of divine love or special time, would you settle for any thing less of your precious natural resources?

I battled for so long with my ego mind. Denying what is love. Abandoning faith or belief for pre-programmed logic that only diminished situations of love (5D) that may be unconventional but in all honesty, the greatest relationships I could ever have simply because the world say they don’t exist.

Point: Ego is the killer of all. Release your ego, embrace your happiness.


What am I saying here? I am using my own journey of lack or shortcoming to help you. I am saying that currently I do not date. I do not seek. I do not settle.I could tell you it’s out of self love or re-enforcement. I could tell you I do not have any interest or no one is interesting to me BUT that would all be lies. There are countless beautiful ladies and interest that in my younger years would have been wined, dined and fulfilled each and every night.

but alas for #THEPIRATEKING something happened...

I realized I do not love any of those potentials. I do not have a depth of emotion or need to connect because once you have experienced divine love, true love or know the possiblity of this life force of love with a true twin flame or soul mate or whatever formed spiritual connection y’all label nowadays exists.

It changes you..

and truth be told. Saying No becomes a practice of ease because you just don’t care to waste your precious resource just to get a piece of ass or few drinks. Not when your heart only wants the plane of true love and passion.

So take this writing as it resonates. Do not feel you are missing out by not dating and waiting. Do not feel time is rushing by and your screwed...I mean you can’t wait forever now...BUT you don’t have to fuck the next monkey down the barrel either. Work on you. Your fitness, your mental health or even as important..your spirituality. Meditate. Learn to tell people of all walks you love them. Let go of your ego. Work on you. There is no shame in it and you are NOT alone. Our societal social norms and commercial business models are crap. They are not telling you or speaking to the true soul of humanity which should be divinely guided.

Don’t listen to what people or the media says. Listen to your heart. Listen to your soul. Listen to you. The answers are there not videos, commercials or YouTube DIY.

Here is the last bit of grand advice I have and I saved it for last BECAUSE if you live your life by it, you will never go wrong:

“Love is not a thought, Love is a feeling.”

If you have to think about whether you love them and don’t feel it..YOU HAVE THE ANSWER.

If you have to think about whether you are wasting your time and don’t feel it’s worthy of your time...YOU HAVE THE ANSWER.

Don’t be afraid to be single and wait for the love or life you work toward and deserve


We only have two precious resources in this life:

Time & Love...

Why waste them?

🏴‍☠️The Pirate King 🏴‍☠️


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