Today - I was more. 💀

Today - Instead of bitching senselessly online from afar, I went down to the State of Michigan capital to yell at anyone who would bring guns to a peaceful protest or march senselessly on innocent people. I do not give a fuck if you are a trumpy or a whitmer fanatic. To militarize yourselves and March with arms in a non-militarized state is ridiculous and this WHY they try to abolish the 2nd Amendment and take away guns from idiots who use them improperly. Use your fucking heads people. Heal our population, get shit open, revitalize the economy, live strong as one. We are one country, indivisible fighting for liberty and justice for ALL! I do not give a fuck about your politics, politicians are liars anyway. I do care you would endanger people with military force backed by ignorance. I was unintelligent for starting shit but I got the point across. We got the point across. Let’s heal ourselves in peace, find our love and humanity and move on to a higher plane. Today I did something good. Did you? #covid19 #lansing #bringingbackhumanity #love #countryboy #rise #humanrace #313 #puremichigan #fuckpolitics #fuckpoliticians #lovepeace #AmericanExperience #lovethyneighbor #makeadifference #usa #nogunspeacefulprotest #useyourfuckingbrain


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