True beauty comes from the inside.

There are some moments in life that stay with us forever. They change who we are, what we do, how we think after we experience them. Life changing moments that leave us different after they are lived. Throughout my many years on this Earth, I have been blessed to experience both moments of magnitude and minimalism.  Beauty and Horror. Pain and Pleasure. Unlike many, I never complain about each of these moments because as I have afore mentioned, I believe each moment in life is a building block to who we are and I like where I am headed, regardless of how rocky it has been to get here.  

Being one of the original internet conveyers of positive self-esteem and vibes, I take a certain pride in the fact we have reached this moment in our online sharing timeline.  As I have overview the message being conveyed by society lately, I am overjoyed to see the positive self-empowering movements currently going on but I am also concerned with the new movement of "bimbo-ism" and false self evaluation that have transpired due to the advancements in technology which allow anyone to look perfect by way of #filters

My concern is for a loss of self-confidence and self-worth in the hidden messages lending further issue to many souls who battle with negative self-evaluation, already. Also, being a father of a daughter, you understand some of the mis-representations are concerning. This movement seems to be assisted heavily by the social media explosion in the selfie (which I am utilizing badly in this blog) and the false asthetical beauty of photoshopped pictures posted to gain popularity online.  Lets face it, sometimes we get on social media outlets like Instagram and Pinterest and see the beautiful bodies/faces and just want to give up because they are what they are, the unattainable dream either by time limit, monetary limit or worse, genetics.

This concerns me deeply being a native soul who can feel others in pain.  I receive so many messages and comments from lovely people looking for affirmation in a forrest of false information. Not feeling beautiful, not feeling worthy or feeling they are being held to an un-fair standard by a love interest who compares them with these un-attainable images, unfairly, the pattern is obviously concerning because, in fact, the people are beautiful people and should never be pigeon-holed into feeling anything less.

I don't want to come off as a pussy here but it hurts my heart to hear of so many hurting hbecause they do not feel worthy, or "good enough" due to false images and messages sent out subliminally by many media outlets and social media platforms. Now, this thought is nothing new. I am reading many, many different bloggers and individuals touting the "positive self-image" groove, so, I do promise this is not going to be a negative, media slamming blog where I blame and point the finger.  Media is what it is, and like the rest of us, I, too, enjoy the lovely photos of perfect people. Rather,  I want to move forward to another place where I only care to show you your true inner beauty and let the rest fall where it may.  

For years, I have written in status's that #TrueBeautyComesFromTheInside This thought is like a personal mantra I have pounded at you but I feel as if I have not taken the next step in my own self-proclamation of "living and doing" so, lets do it.  

Early this a.m., in the wee hours of the moonlight while mixing music and looking ugly as hell, I had this thought.  Maybe not a novel thought but it segued to this blog. It is about my own short comings and imperfections, exposing them and showing how I value who I am over the way I look.

This personal exposure of my life is not beautiful. It shows that not every second of my life holds perfection, photo ready moments that I want captured on film.  To be honest, I would rather  hide about 90 percent of my life  from the world to never being known or seen out of fear you all would think less of me.

We all know that feeling. That is familiar, age old childhood self-doubt creeping in as it does for many of us.  With all my imperfections said, I have decided to use todays blog to practice a self-affirming, supportive type, native circle ritual with all of you that I hope will translate correctly and when we are finished,  you too will join me by sitting in the circle and sharing your beauty as well, in the same way. What is the point of all this?  I Hope  that together, from a listing of our faults and more importantly, strengths, we will realize that we may not be model beautiful but our true beauty is manifested 100 percent from our hearts, minds and souls from the inside.

I am not be perfect. I do not have the Instagram face or bod.  I fail flat on making my friends happy from time at time. My kids, I am sure, have issues with some of my efforts and my parents would probably love to put me up for adoption, daily.  I do not live a perfect existence, I have paid a bill late, I have let people down, I have showed up late for a show, I have been a little shit, I have made her mad, I have broke contract, I have not shaved on time and most of all, I definitely have LARGE character flaws...

However, for all of he negative aspects of my existence, which are many, there is something that makes me beautiful and it comes from the inside. That is...

My heart.

I would like to think that my effort makes up for any lack of outer aesthetic beauty. I care for people. I think of how things I do will affect others first before I think of myself. When I see someone is hurting, I put my arm around them in support. When I see a lovely woman who needs to remember how beautiful she is, I tell her. Everyday, I remind others their better days are ahead and keep grinding. I care first and foremost for my kids, their feelings, their lives and my existence pails in comparison to what I wish for them to feel. I thank a woman for making me food, I love a woman for loving me and I respect a woman for being a human being but more importantly, making our world a better, more beautiful place. I cherish the sunrise and sunset, I pray for the ocean and I let go of my native soul to find freedom, passion and happiness. If someone needs, I give, if a heart is crying, I try to dry their tears and if I see a soul trying to rise, I show them the staircase up instead of down. I believe that for whatever outer beauty limits I may face, my actions, my life, my heart define me and if beauty exists in me, it exists fully from this place of origin, which of course, is from the inside..

So many of you, my friends, my soul brothers and sisters are beautiful.  I do not think you see it as I do. Your giving nature, joking personalities and love are what really matter. So many times you have picked me up from the doldrums or changed my thoughts when I was teetering on what to do. The importance of your influence and beauty is immeasurable to my life. Yes, I do understand that we all want to be "Instagram beautiful" but you are missing that you are all already that beautiful. You are developing, loving, giving, appreciative human beings and that makes you soooooo very beautiful, like the sunset on vacation, crickets chirping in a field, Cumulus clouds on the horizon,  and a new born baby.

You are the beautiful that you want to be but the biggest obstacle stands in the path of many.  What is that mental block you ask? Well, very simply put, until you can see it for yourself, your beauty will be lost upon your own deaf ears and blind heart.  Stop searching, Stop trying to be, Stop pursing. The thing you are looking for is already inside of your soul, your heart, your essence and that is what really matters.  See what I see,  beautiful people. Feel your passion, your positive vibe and live the beautiful life you want to live every second you are blessed with.  

True beauty comes from the inside, so just remember that you are beautiful.


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