True Love is not told on the days things are perfect.

True love is not told on the days' things are perfect.

It is not only for beautiful sunsets or exceptional moments.

In truth, true love is only told when your soul is spread thin,

When giving up may seem right or easy to do, true love is not for schedules, it does not fit into boxes, perimeters or can even be told what to do, it can’t be anything forced or even behave in a fashion more becoming, just because the world wants too,

In fact, true love is a beast, only controlled by the people involved,

Where being loved and cherished for its imperfections, sometimes necessary for all the moments, the world can put it through,

True love is rather, one second snapshot of endearing standard, set by two, our true love must different, then our parents had to do, It may have more angles, be more obtuse or even be less than standard compared to what all of our friend's want it too, true love is rather, perpetual motion, like water, floating down a river of tears, until it finds a place of harmony, made just for the tortured souls who weather the storm and still hold that love undoubtedly true, truer than anything they have ever known, times where he lends her a shoulder and she rubs away a days' full of exhaustion from his brows, the things lovers do.

True love is simpler,

In a beauty uncomplicated and real, like her smile while cooking dinner or how he puts away the clothes on the floor before she has to tell him too,

True love is what we know, what we do, not what we're told or something to prove, It’s sex in the kitchen or notes on the fruit, No rhyme, no reason, just because it's what love wants to do, A place where two worlds collide into beauty and call it old school, where building a beautiful home is more important than the selfish bullshit, where the walls block negative energy and the fan above the bed watches their naked bodies entwine over and over again.

No, True love is not told on the days' things are perfect,

It’s created to help us endure the ugly times, It's sunlight where that light guides it's lovers way to a safer place, eternally, monumentally like it is substantially meant to do.

The fact is, true love, can make each day more beautiful,

More bearable and to be respected 365 days of every year,

If you allow it too and if the courage to love another soul without

barriers exists for you, You may finally understand why true love is not told on the days' things are perfect because it is the perfection imperfect days need to seem right. That is the exceptional power true love has and I truly wish only the best of true love for each and every one of you...

Love & Spanks,




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