Truth about ❤️ Find your weirdo. Be Rockstars Together. 🤘🏿

I say a lot of shit. It has all been good shit but I say a lot as of late. Maybe its getting time to disconnect. Disappear into full PR mode and let you only know the music for a while but if I do that, I promise you this:

You would miss me. I know you would. You think I am saying the same ‘ole boring shit night after night but if I suddenly emotionally vanish, even online, I promise you that like an irritating rash, it would bother you and you would begin to miss these late night moments we share.

You would finally realize I had more value in your world than you thought.

Important point for tonights wisdom and that is what this post will be about.

Realization & Value.

...and it goes a little something like this:

I will not write a bunch of eloquent words this evening full of bullshit wonderment and romance. Fuck that. Tonight I will leave you with harsh truth. The truth is love can suck. It can hurt. Destroy. Even kill if you are not careful. I wish I had better news but I do not. 🤨

However, on the otherside of the coin is this:

Love ain’t about bullshit poems or flowers or passion or holidays. It’s also not about lies deceit or anything that can hurt you. 😜

Here is your Memorial Day Weekend big giveaway worth entering the sweep stakes:

Love is about finding another weirdo you don’t want to live without. 🙃

Now you notice I said “don’t and not can’t.”

Very important wording here because knowing that someone has worth or is special enough to decide that you don’t want to live without them is much more powerful than just being stuck with soneone because you feel obligated. 😜

Ergo the theories of free will and if you love someone set them free. 🤗

So heed these words:

Find a weirdo. Someone like you or the polar opposite. Someone who loves the way you irritate them. Someone who doesn’t think your perfect. Doesn’t expect miracles or even the moon and stars in one day. Because these are NOT what is sustainable in love. NOPE. 🤥

Here’s what is: Someone who accepts your jagged edges. Someone who spoons the shit out of you in bed while watching a crappy movie. Someone who loves ice cream on the sidewalk curb more than grey goose on the sunset strip. Someone who fixes your hat when its crooked and smiles. Someone who brags about you to their friends and hides it. Someone who comes back in the door for one more kiss and someone who would drive three hours just to see you one. Someone who is corny, irreverent and even sometimes needy when it comes to becoming emotionally attached to you because, well, umm...they fucking love you? Not because they have dependency issues or personality flaws but simply because they know the most important lesson there is to learn from everything I post, say, write and the world has to teach is this:

None of us is promised tomorrow so never leave things undone today. 😬

We all have an egg ticker attached to our soul and when our time is up it will be more about what I should have done and not what I did. 🥺

Career, money and bullshit cannot be taken to the grave BUT I can first hand attest that on our death bed, love IS LITERALLY ALL there is left. 😢

It’s not about can’t live without someone it’s about not wanting too. 😍

...and finally, having one special weirdo just for you is worth the million of others idiots that come around just talking shit. 🤡

That is truly what love is. One weirdo we choose to not live without because they make us the best weirdo we can be. Someone to eat ice cream on the curb with, sex in an elevator but most of all, someone we help make a better weirdo in their life as well because we simply care that much. ♥️♥️♥️

We all know there is a circle of life but there is also a circle of love as well. 🙌🏿

So, i’m trying to tell you that you cannot have true love, real love, weirdo love unless you come full ⭕️.

So, in all actuality love is about finding another fucked up soul to do symbiotic cartwheels with while eating ice cream and keeping a secret between the two of you that only you two will ever know the punchline too and that cool / special enough to fight for - smile about - adore enough to never give up and commit. 🔥

God Damn Beautiful. ☠️

Truth about ❤️ Find your weirdo. Be Rockstars Together. 🤘🏿

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