#ValentinesDay quickly approaching, I leave you with this thought:

There can seem to be so many things that are important in life. People. Cities. Money. Parties but no matter how many days go by or years may pass, none of it can even rival a simple note from your lover, feeling of her smile on your neck before she kisses your cheek or moments together shared. So many things in our world try to belittle the basic moments of love and life and pretend they are not important. I do not agree with this belief at all.

In my heart of hearts, I will always know, it is the little things in love that matter the most. I knew this when I was 20 and I know this now. Nothing in this lifetime will ever make me forget the importance of true love. Maybe it's the empath in me that I deny so hard but it is true and no matter what ever happens in my existence, I will always be proud of living by the true passion and love which lives in my heart.

You may think of me as weak for doing so.

I would rather believe I am a broken but beautiful person you can't find every day for being true to my heart.

Either way, I will never give up on true love.


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