Coffee & You...

There are so many great authors throughout history who have summed up love. From Shakespeare to Lord Byron, their prose have illuminated the hearts and minds of lovers worldwide for decades. However, considering they each lived centuries ago, it is difficult to connect with some of their language, simply because they do not involve elements of current living such as social media, cellphone's or even the internet. Although the beauty of their loving context definitely translates, they lack reliability when it comes to the common experience of love in the 21st century.

Even in age old times, there was a blue collar, middle and upper class level existence where love changed tones and took on different forms to connect with it's surroundings. Both Shakespeare and Byron were aware of this and carefully danced with the notion in their respected works. Love speaks from a place of common ground that each of us can relate too, daily. Whether you punch in the blue collar level of profession or administrative, we all want affection, positive experiences and that hand to hold in the middle of the night. I am sure at this point, you are wondering why I am writing of Shakespeare, Byron and social class? Well, that answer is very simple! We all know who Shakespeare was and unfortunately we also all fall into a social class, and yes, alas, we all have to wake up each morning and go to a job that we either love, hate, or put up with, so, this not only makes for a great topic of positive prose but somewhere within the onion layer of the topic is a wonderful thought/blog for a saturday morning read.

Here is where I make my thought...

Due to the current explosion of java based franchises such as Starbucks and Biggby coffee, we have witnessed a cultural recognition of a product to supply the energy necessary for every day life and a marriage of modern day branding injected with java driven, promotional bliss that every one undoubtedly recognizes. When we think of relaxation, we think coffee, when we think social interaction, we think coffee, and yes when we need a little "pick me up" in the morning, many of us definitely desire the darkly brewed devil with a kick. I am certain that if both Shakespeare and Byron lived in this moment, they would have made the connection between love and coffee. Not the addiction to the dark roast, no, but rather to the beauty of waking up next to your lover and sharing a cup of joe.

In modern times, this is almost as unavoidable as taxes. From the star struck lover to the 20 year marriage, waking up with your sweet heart and sharing some java is not only a part of life but quite sexy when you think about it. I am sure the quote "coffee & you" could not only become a t-shirt that might have moderate sales but the instagram quotability is out of this world. As I stated prior, a marriage of branding created by the advertising executive Gods.

However, this is not a post about my intellectual nature of writing, long dead authors or advertising executives. Those points were merely made for fun banter that you as the reader may swat around a bit. Instead, this is a blog about love in the morning and how the brilliant sellers at these coffee companies may have made a hallmark card out of the joint venture of coffee and love but I want to strip it back a bit.

Instead, I would like to write something heart felt about love in the morning and coffee from a simpler place, the heart, as if I were speaking to my lover. A less brilliant place but beautiful none the less...

Coffee & you.


Today I woke up to you,

Hair strewn across your face,

Beautiful as the day is long,

and peaceful.

As you lay here resting,

I wanted to write you this before I push off to work,

So that you would know what you mean to this heart,

Mean at this moment,

Mean to me.

As I look upon your essence,

The soul that I am blessed to know,

Beyond the long legs bare,

and physical which make my passions sing,

I want you to know that I can see the kind of woman you truly are,

The kind that gives her heart with all she has,

Any man with half a chance,

Would give his heart to a beautiful woman like that,

I am proud to know yours is the hand I reach for in the dark of night,

The lips I kiss blissfully when our flesh connect,

I don't know if you know the depth of my appreciation for you,


Love, admiration or

Passionate need to bring you that wonderful smile day to day,

Somewhere in time I may find a way to truly express myself to you,

but just know this love I hold moment to moment,

Is eternal and only for you.

As I leave your presence now,

I kiss your cheek,

Knowing that heaven is in your eyes,

My life is with you today.

I tell you all of this because when you wake up,

I want you to know,

Someone in this world loves you this much...

P.S. I bought you Starbucks....


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