Watch my New Music Video and help raise donations for the charity:

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the long delay in blogging but I believe you will agree this reasoning will make it well worth the wait.

After such a positive response with so many requests for the song "Blue Collar Love Song", I, Instead of spending the days creating blogs, decided this week to record a clean version of the song and make an appropriate video to respond to the demand. I have chosen to do so with a worthwhile and charitable purpose in mind.

I have decided to donate all proceeds from the song downloads of "Blue Collar" to the charitable organization amply named: "Support the Troops" which aids in supporting our troops and their families while serving our country at home and abroad. The military is something that has been near and dear to my heart for years and in this "re-emergence" I hope to be able to perform live again and join the USO to entertain overseas when possible. This effort with the song is what I hope to be the first of a very long and fruitful relationship with the charity and I do hope to help in any that I can.

I will not make this a long, drawn out blog. I promise (for those asking) to begin blogging again this week but for now please listen to the song, watch the video, let me know what you think and if you enjoy the work, please share it across all social media platforms in the good faith movement of helping a great cause. You can make a charitable donation to either in the name "Blue Collar Love Song", or make a charitable donation of $1.00 on the music section of my site here and also receive the download of the song as well.

This song is very heavy for me because it was written for my wife. So everyone will understand, I used to sing it to her as she fought her valiant fight against breast cancer. For some time, it has been too painful to perform and I quickly removed it years ago because of this. After seeing the love this beautiful tune has received, I have decided for this worthy cause, I would bring the song back to life in the attempt at helping others. I believe the recent popularity is a gift from my wife from heaven she is telling me this is what she would want for her song.

I dedicate this video to her and all of our soldiers around the world who serve our country valiantly to give us the freedoms we enjoy daily....

Here is the link to this fine charity:

Get your charitable download for $1.00 here:

Thank you again and as always, keep it METAL! \w/00\w/



P.S. New Music and Videos are coming this fall, stay tuned!!!!

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