You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are scarred...

For years it seemed, I was the Rock n Roll equivalent of a life coach, positive reinforcer, and friend. It has brought my heart legions of joy to help others find their positive light, even when they, themselves, may have forgotten it existed. I will admit that even through my own dark days of personal tragedy, helping others brought me a sense of purpose when the focus of life's road became blurry in the face of grief.

Although I may have disappeared for quite some time, I am back! During my time away, I have also taken pride in the countless number of artists who have taken on an “Angel-stic" approach to their social media after being my friend. They say being mimicked is the highest form of flattery and although many would be bitter, I think it is wonderful that more artists are embracing the positive light in life and trying to help others.

For me, however, being this way is not an act, or social media "fakery" of mis-representation. My approach comes from where I come from and attempting to break a cycle that needed to end out of self-preservation. I have made a conscious effort to change my life, change my outlook, change myself due to learning gained from the scars I bear. I dropped the barriers and barricades that held my life hostage for so many years, and just let go. Something I would recommend to everyone, if possible.

As afore mentioned, is the word "scars." A word I distinctly remember beginning to use in the early 2000's. That word is where this entire writing prior comes to a head. It seems that over the years, I have used many quotes but the quote "Our Scars Are What Make Us Beautiful" seems to be one terminology that I come back to time and again. Although the quote has been whored out like a two dollar hooker in Vegas, due to its internal and personal meaning, I would like to revisit it one more time.

Let's start out this personal side of the blog by stating to each of you: You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are scarred which is why you are so beautiful. The truth may be that two parents created you and some institution somewhere educated you but the choices you have made are what got you to the moment you read this writing. Along the way, you have been impacted by life, whether that be death, relationships, or the other intangibles of living, you have been impacted both positively and negatively which has left you with smiles and deep, hurtful scars.

These social media quotes with attached attractive photography used to grab our eye are very nice and very true. This writing is not a rehashing of that fact, instead, I write this as a mental checkup to see if you truly are recognizing how deeply those scars go and how important they are to your maturation.

How many of us share stories of parents who just didn't understand us, or lovers scorn with our friends Because we know they will get an immediate response from the listener because they too have lived the same. Scars are not only universal but it seems in the 21st century (like Starbucks from the prior blog) they have become a cultural recognition of learning and common sense. Do you realize you would not be the person you are today without all the shit you have been through, whether you hate it or not? Do you realize the reason you post all of those wonderful social media quotes for all your friends to read is because they too have scars and can identify/eventually "like" your post Due to those scars of a common bond? Do you realize we may wear certain things, or do certain things because we learned "the hard way" through a scarring experiences to dress and act and become the person we have due to these personal scars? Pretty deep, huh?

Even the true meaning of love has scarring. We all love and have long time love but that love would not be as beautiful as it is without the bruising and trust it has earned along the way, or in other words, taken some injuries that scar. So, maybe this is actually, kind of a rehashing of the quote, maybe I am rambling on about this one topic but there is a reason. We all want to be beautiful. At whatever level that my be, like anything else, it takes work and some scars along the way, the type of scars that make us the beautiful people we are.

So, I will end this Tuesday writing with a statement to you of empowerment:

You are beautiful. I love you as a human being. I believe you can achieve your goals and find the type of happiness that is out there just waiting for you. How is it you may ask I can say all this? Simple, I know in your life you will find everything you want but to get there you will also have to endure some mighty blows. From these knockout punches you will hit the canvas and get back up. It will hurt. You will hurt but you won't give up. You are strong, you are loved, you are a survivor. With all that being said, you will also, definitely gain scars from your wounds. These scars will make you the beautiful person you are or will become, whatever the scenario. That is why I always come back to this quote, even though it is highly over-used, it is #truth

So remember:

You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are scarred which is why you are not only beautiful but simply, it is the reason you are the person that you are evolving into...




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