You ever been honest with yourself? 💀

Have you ever truly been honest with yourself. Let the mask fall and faced your own pitfalls in the attempt at saving your soul or sanity? I realized the other day that I just love too hard, too much. I am too #oldschool & #rideordie - Navy Seal, First in, last out with no stopping to save my own ass or self. My truth? It’s not that my wife dying made me vulnerable or childhood issues. It’s not a need to blame others or disfunction that holds my truth. I know I do wrong shit and quickly and constantly apologize and try to work on my ills. Yes, I am definitely imperfect BUT that is not the reason either. My truth is simply this. I love people who simply should treat me better and value us. It is very simple. ☠️ This is not an ego contest or public statement to garner attention. This is simply saying one thing. I realize I am a great human. One that not found often. I work my ass off. Exceed most of the time. Love hard. Lived through the worst adversity, hell, nightmare possible while taking care of everyone around me. Who on Planet Earth would consider not loving, hugging, supporting, committing or being real with a person like that? It is ludicrous and I have been in a dark place for long enough. While driving by the bars tonight on my bike and seeing all the couples holding hands I realized, I have done nothing to NOT deserve that and more. If anyone cannot see that or think they can do better, good luck. I have neglected my friends and fans long enough while working my mind back. I have not healed fully but lastly I will say this: To family and 🖤 who should have done better by me, shame on you. I only loved you with everything I am but I do not live for validation because I have an expiration and a purpose that needs to be achieved. I am sorry you did not see my light but I know I am special enough to trade the universe for as you were to me. Not drugs, drink, people bars, bullshit rhyme or reason were more important than you. Remember that but this Outlaw is one that also knows his worth and I got things to do. So today, as I am honest with myself, painful but true, the answer is simply this: They would 🖤 you a hell of a lot more if they valued you. 💀


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