You Have To Earn Your Man Card. ☠️

Being a real man is more than just words. It’s more than alpha - machismo - esque actions that prove how tough you are. Dudes learn this as they grow older, watch people pass on and learn the value of moments over materialism. Being a real man is about the little things like taking care of your children, making your woman smile when she is having a bad day or being there for a world in need. Although there is no real textbook definition of achieving adult male manhood that sticks, I can tell you that being a man comes down to simply this: A man should be judged by the world around him and the happiness he provides to that same small world . A real man is defined by the respect he gets from his actions rather than words and finally, a real man should be recognized for his empathy, humanity and love rather than toughness. Being man is not about grit but rather not being afraid to share his emotions honestly and openly. What is a real man you may ask? He is someone who knows his truth and never jeopardizes others to attain happiness. Real men are something that is desperately needed in a world crying for a back bone but remember fella’s, you can truly only attain your man card when your ready to make your priorities about your heart over your head, love over greed and lastly, mindfulness over your dick. Being a man is about love so brothers, we need to man up and make the world a better place through our humanity over violence. It’s a big job being a real man’s man and I hope when I grow up, I can make the grade. #ANGEL ☠️

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